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Brushed Steel Metallic Stickers

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These particular stickers need to be looked at by one of our team members. Please make sure to attach a draft artwork if printing is required for quoting purposes.



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Brushed Steel Metallic Stickers

Are these the right stickers for me?

The brushed steel looks awesome and is highly recommended if you are looking for something unique and eye catching. Print your logo or design on these to get the attention you want. Available in full colour printing and custom made to any size or shape you choose, these can be used for many applications like product labelling, cars, machinery. These are also waterproof and and very durable, even for outdoors.

Benefits of using Brushed Silver Metallic Stickers
   Unique look and excellent printing quality
   Fast turnaround and excellent printing quality
   Custom made to any custom shape or size
   Waterproof and uses UV ink for sun resistance

Adhesives Types. Which one is for me?

   Permanant Adhesives

Most popular type and works well with most applications eg product labelling, bumper stickers, machinery, caps

    Full Colour printing

   It is also important to note. What you see on your screen will be different in tone to the actual stickers when printed as your monitor uses RGB colours and printing uses CMYK colours.

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