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Sticker Guide

Which Stock is right for me?


Stickers are not all the same. We may think that one type or stock will serve all purposes but this is not true. This is where our expert team will advice you on the best stock to use for your needs.


To give you an example, a lot of people think that paper stickers as long as they are laminated are waterproof, this is not so as paper adsorbs water or moisture in the air and will eventually peel off.

Get the right stock the first time.


Also people order the best available stock when they don’t need it and spend the extra money when they can get away with a cheaper option. That’s why at Mystickers, we advice on the best option and help our customers choose the right stock at first go.


We are passionate about stickers and love helping customers make the right decisions from the get go.

Know Your Sticker types?


Apart from the standard stickers we have online, we also specialise in custom stickers. With our huge range of different sticker stocks, ranging from Paper Stickers, Vinyl Stickers, Kraft Stickers to the Hologram, Metallic, Reflective Stickers to name a few.

We are 100% confident we can produce stickers of the highest quality in the sticker printing industry.

We are here to help.


Below are the stocks we have available for the different stickers. If you are still unsure, please email, call 1300 177 755 or chat with us online with your needs or questions and we will be more than happy to assist.