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Clear Transparent Stickers

  • Estimated Time to Print:
    5-6 Working Days + Delivery

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Note: For Special Orders & Printing ( Spot Colours, Pantone Colours, On Rolls or Sheets, White Ink and Metallic Foiling) You will need to Contact Us for a Quote.

Clear Stickers

Are these the right stickers for me?

It can be difficult and frustrating getting vinyl stickers with white backgrounds to look good on transparent surfaces like glass windows. At MyStickers, you can avoid the inherent limitations of white vinyl stickers by taking advantage of the clear stickers we have available. Using these transparent stickers offers a cleaner, more efficient and more attractive way of advertising your business as well as the products and services it provides.

Benefits of using Clear Stickers
   Cost Effective and Excellent Printing
   Full Colour process in CMYK
   Fast Turnaround 5-7 working days + Delivery. This may vary depending on season and demand of the stickers.
   Waterproof and can be used for Freezer

Sticker Finishing.

   Gloss coating

Standard Clear stickers are coated to protect the ink, these are used for mostly indoors. If you require Outdoor Clear Stickers, please click here.

Adhesives Types. Which one is for me?

   Normal Adhesives

Most popular type and works well with most applications. Hand out stickers, basic product labelling like envelopes, takeaway boxes etc. Standard Vinyl stickers will work for freezer.

   Removable Adhesive

If you require stickers to be stuck on only for a temporary period, this option is a great choice. However, it is not a standard adhesive for the standard clear stickers. Please go to the Quote page and email us for this option for a quote.

   Full Colour Printing

These stickers are printed in CMYK for vibrant, vivid colours. If you are trying to Colour match or need Pantone colours please Contact Us and we will assist as this is a different process.
   It is also important to note. What you see on your screen will be different in tone to the actual stickers when printed as your monitor uses RGB colours and printing uses CMYK colours.
   If you require WHITE ink in the clear in addition to the full colour, please let us know so we can quote as this is an extra option.
   Please note, these are transparent stickers and the colours printed if not stuck on a white or light coloured surfaces will not come out solid and vibrant. The reason is because the colours to some extent come out transparent as well, you should always use the white ink option which makes the colours more opaque therefore showing better when stuck on clear or transparent surfaces. Please make sure you ask one of our friendly staff members before you order if you are unsure.

Artwork Guide

The following are some checklists for artwork setup and the types of files we require for printing different types of stickers. Please note while most are CMYK printing, we do offer Pantone colour matching and custom sticker printing, which should be discussed with our Team at Mystickers.

Suitable File Formats

We prefer Vector based files. .eps, .ai, .pdf, however Raster Files a also suitable .jpg, .tif. If you are sending Raster images, please do not draw crop or bleed lines. Also please make sure they are created in CMYK from RGB and at 300dpi at 100% or larger than printing file size.

Artwork Setup

Please make sure to consider these when designing the artwork for setup. These are to prevent contents getting cut off when trimming the stickers. In case of Vector files, you can draw these in or leave them out but should be considered. With Raster files, please DO NOT add these in your artwork but consider when designing.

From the cutting line, there should always be a 2mm bleed on all sides of the sticker. So if the Sticker is 60mm x 60mm, the background image or colour should extend out to 64mm x 64mm

This is just to show the cutting line which will be the shape of the final sticker.

This is the safe zone, all contents eg text or pictures that has to be included in the final design should be inside of the Safe Zone. If the size of the sticker is 60mm x 60mm, all artwork contents you want included has to be within 56mm x 56mm of the artwork. (2mm inside of the cutting line all around)


Please make sure when sending artworks, that all FONTS in the artwork have been OUTLINED. This is to ensure that we can open them up on our computers as there are hundreds and hundreds of fonts avail on Mac and PCs and we couldn't possible carry all of them. You can also choose to send us the actual fonts used in the artworks, if you're having trouble with convert texts to outlines.

Here is the example on the Illustrator Program.

Raster Files and Image Resolution

If the file you are sending is a Raster file, please remember to add the necessary bleeds. We do not need crop marks or actual lines showing bleeds etc. Make sure the file is created in 300dpi resolution at 100% scale to the sticker size you are after. Also please convert RGB colours into CMYK Colours.

Here is the example on the Photoshop Program.

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