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Embossed Stickers

Embossed Stickers are widely used for Certificates or documents that may need to show importances.
An artwork that meets the requirements for embossing is crucial for the process of embossing to
come out clean and professionally manufactured.

Firstly, the artwork has be created in a Vector file without any shadows or complex drawings.
It should be in a solid artwork form and in one colour.

As no colours are used in embossing and is a process of a stamping process of your artwork, it
should be kept simple at all times.

With embossing, the sticker stock is usually a Metallic finish. Standard Colours are readily available in  Gold in a Matte or Chrome, silver in a Matte or Chrome and even in the Bronze colour as well.  However, we can also produce emboss stickers in a Pantone colour of your choice, this is a custom make and requires extra attention as the colours are produced

on top of existing standards stocks and then embossed with your artwork. Depending on the industry, the emboss stickers can be used for different purposes. Some may use them for Certificates with the Starburst edges or simply for packaging on their wrapping paper.

If you are in need for emboss stickers, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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